How To Use The Plugin

Many of the customization settings take place in the BillingFox dashboard at the current moment, with plans to move all settings to the plugin interface. However, BillingFox makes everything set & forget so let’s walk through what everything does so that you only have to make minimal changes once all things are in place.

Giving User’s Their Initial Credits

This is the amount of credits each new user gets who is registered on your site, think of this balance as free credits that a user would utilize to test-drive your paywall systems. We recommend that this isn’t set too high so that you as the owner can begin generating revenue in the form of top-ups of new credits.

Alerting User’s To Refill Balances

This is the number of credits that a user must hit to trigger a low credit email alert, notifying the user to purchase more credits as their balance is getting low. Remember this has to be balanced between the initial free credits, low level alert, and how much a protected piece of content or product costs.

Invoice Logo Url

Here’s where you can add the URL to your brand logo to customize the invoice to your liking.

Invoice Background Color

Here you can place a hex color code to match your brand colors and identity.

Preset Amounts

Here you set the price amounts of the default buttons on the invoice.

Custom Amounts

Need to allow your customers to purchase more than the default amounts? Switch the toggle to enable a blank input allowing the consumer to charge any amount.

The End

This ends the installation of the Micropayment plugin, setup, and usage of the plugin to allow you to turn another revenue stream on via micro-transactions.

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