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First of all we would like to thank you for taking the time out to install and configure our micropayment paywall plugin built especially for WordPress. By utilizing blockchain technology we are able to bring about an entirely new form of content monetization.

Traditionally paywalls have been hard to implement and even harder for consumers to use. We have taken as many steps as possible to make this micropayment paywall the easiest to implement for publishers, and even easier for consumers. We’re glad you are here to give us a try and open up a new revenue stream for you, and your business. Let’s get started, shall we?

1. Install & Activate the Plugin

The easiest way to get started with our paywall plugin is to install it from the backend of your WordPress admin plugin section.

Search for micropaymentio as a keyword and click the Install Now button to begin downloading and installing the latest version of the paywall plugin. Once the installation process has completed, now you’re able to activate the plugin and begin the simple, and quick setup process.

2. Plugin Intro & Configuration

As always we try to make the process as easy to understand and implement properly. Introducing you to the plugin we walk you step-by-step through the process of getting the most advanced paywall plugin ready to go. Going over how much a credit is worth, what type of content that can be protected, etc.

a. Create a BillingFox Account

In order to get payments from your customers to your bank account we use the BillingFox platform to provide the glue to make this all work seamlessly. Grab your free API key, connect your Stripe account, and then come back to turning on another revenue stream.

b. Locate your API key in the BillingFox Dashboard

After you have completed the registration process for BillingFox you will want to look for your free API key located in the lower left hand corner of the dashboard. Copy and paste that unique key and let’s take it to the next step below.

c. Input Your API Key In The Plugin Setup

Once you have the API key from BillingFox you want to input it into step 2 of the install wizard, and click Next.

3. Setup WooCommerce – Optional

With our plugin installed you also have the ability to offer credits as a Woocommerce product, which unlocks a wealth of e-commerce data and not having to change anything about your existing storefront. If using the Woocommerce category option of the plugin you can keep users on your site without having to leave creating a seamless branded experience.

a. Create The Product Category

Depending on how many plugins you have installed will dictate where the “Products” tab is located, hovering over the tab will present the option that allows you to choose “Categories” and create a new product category.

b. Confirm The Category Slug

You will want to make note of the name of the category slug in the previous step so that there are no issues when connecting the two platforms (WooCommerce & together.

c. Add To Step 3 Of The Setup

After double checking that the slug name is correct, adding the lower case version of the category slug to step 3 of the install wizard will activate WooCommerce functionality, and if left blank will disable Woocommerce capability.

4. Your Plugin is Ready to Go!

Congratulations! your new paywall plugin is installed and ready to be configured, head over to the Setup Page and let’s get acquainted with the shortcodes used in this plugin.

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