The presence of the most frequently asked questions about your industry and business can reduce up to 70% of common customer concerns. Adding a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) section to your website can be a great selling tool to help customers get the answers they need and allowing customer service the bandwidth to handle the really tough requests. An FAQ section can be the central hub for customers, employees, and anyone else who may need to have a common question answered without having to wade through mountains of site pages looking for answers.

Ultimate FAQ


A FAQ plugin that lets you create, organize and publish your FAQs (frequently asked questions) quickly through your WordPress admin panel.

Key Features

  • Create FAQ categories
  • An AJAX FAQ search form
  • Insert custom CSS to style your FAQ posts
  • Export all FAQs to a PDF to create a user manual
  • Unlimited FAQs, with unlimited tag and category support

Community Feedback

I had been hand coding FAQs for ages, and it was time consuming and tedious. With this plugin, it takes minutes. LOVE IT! Easily the best plugin I have.


I have used this plugin for some time now and am truly impressed with its ease of use and functionality. You can manipulate your list and even create multiple FAQ’s or any kind of question and answer with a toggle or accordion structure.

Ultimate FAQ Plugin Overview

Ultimate FAQ definitely lives up to its name, and is the ultimate faq plugin and provides everything you could probably need in an FAQ plugin with its flexibility and customization. The Export to PDF feature is very nice to have, creating an all in one user manual for users to download and print out if they so wish.

Accordion FAQ


Accordion FAQ is built on Bootstrap and offers the ability to create unlimited faqs with unlimited colors.

Key Features

  • Unlimited color options
  • Draggable accordion items for easy sorting
  • Hide All Accordion on page load or display all
  • Easy and simple to use

Community Feedback

Good plugin, but I wish they wouldn’t bug you for a review.


Plugin short code vanishes from page on every update.


If you need a quick and simple FAQ plugin to quickly create something to answer a handful of questions for say a local dentist or service provider then this FAQ plugin will suit your needs. With no steep learning curve and some simple CSS changes, this can easily be integrated by volume website builders.

HTML5 Reponsive FAQ


HTML5 Responsive FAQ plugin makes it easy for you to add FAQs to your site. Create multiple category FAQs, and use them either all together on one page or category wise. Options to customize the look and feel of the FAQs to match your theme style.

Key Features

  • SEO-friendly plugin, You can select your heading types for FAQs.
  • Option to add custom titles for each category set.
  • Custom sorting options for FAQs

Community Feedback

And unlike other FAQ plugins, everything is in a single post rather than one post per FAQ. Not so good for anything other than a few simplistic FAQ’s.


It has inline css in h title. It is not good for rtl language. I cant change css easily.


This plugin had some development issues, with the plugin not working in Firefox, and like a lot of not super popular WP plugins has it’s fair share of ads displayed to the user.

Acronix FAQ


Add an easy-to-create, stylish FAQ section to your website. Display your frequently asked questions using the supplied shortcode ([faq]) and show/hide them via an animated, jQuery toggle or accordion box.

Key Features

  • Custom Post-Type driven
  • jQuery toggle or accordion display when using the shortcode
  • Can be displayed individually, or in FAQ groups by using the “group” taxonomy

Community Feedback

It really does about everything I need and is easy to use. THAT SAID: I wish it were easy to rearrange the questions so I could make the most important ones at the top.


It was easy to setup the FAQ and I’m very pleased with the display on the site.


This is a simple and straightforward FAQ plugin, it’s simple ease of use appeals to a many site owner who just want to get up and running with a quick & dirty solution. If your looking a Google crusher this isn’t it, as it’s missing some important elements such as Schema Data markup. But if that’s not much of a concern then give this plugin a try.

WP Awesome FAQ Plugin


Create unlimited FAQ items with title, and description.

Key Features

  • No post description limits
  • Category based shortcode: ‘FAQ’
  • FAQ settings options added like – Close All, Open All and 1st Item Open

Community Feedback

I’m really happy with what this plugin does. It’s small and simple so I did not need to add many styles in my theme to tweak how it looks. I tried a few other faq plugins and they try to do too much. I noticed the premium version has some advanced features which is a nice option but I’m happy with the basic functionality. Well done!


If you are looking for a very useful plugin, that helps the user to understand your website better, give this plugin a try.


A fairly simple plugin with not alot of options beyond the free version, however they do offer a premium version that provides a few more functionalities.


Depending on your needs we hope we’ve been able to help you narrow down the right FAQ plugin for you and your business. FAQ’s can be immensely helpful in guiding your customers and/or clients to the right information at the right time. Reducing customer support tickets, educating your customer, and providing valuable content to users and search engines alike.

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