With the rapid rise of ad-blocking technology online, micropayment platforms have emerged as a popular alternative payment solution since the 2010s. A micropayment system is a suitable and efficient way to get involved in online financial transactions involving one cent transactions very quickly and conveniently. When integrated it helps merchants in expanding their business by offering products and services at very low prices as well as allowing consumers to be able to buy such services and goods at nominal prices from the merchant’s site.

With the introduction of platforms like PayPal, SatoshiPay, GNU Taler, Swish, M-Coin, etc., integrating micropayment platforms by using a wordpress paywall plugin in your website has become quite essential to sustain your customers and raise your client base in the market. The following are some reasons to help you understand the need to shift to a micropayment platform:

  1. Widen your customer base
  2. Ability to sell a larger number of goods at lower prices
  3. Minimized transaction fees
  4. Eliminating the need of a third party
  5. Providing your customers with a fast, efficient, convenient, anonymous and secure way to purchase good and services from your site.

When working with WordPress, the popularity of micropayments has increased exponentially. So to be able to utilize the advantages of micropayment solutions, you should successfully integrate an efficient micropayments plugin which could help you to:

  1. Provide your customers with a virtual payment solution
  2. A well-managed system to handle virtual points involved during the transactions
  3. Offer the ability to add, change or deduct points as required.

There are various micropayment plugins available on WordPress that can be integrated as per your requirement. Some of the top ones are:

  1. Micropayment.io plugin: This micropayment processor plugin provides a seamless experience with an easy registration procedure, simple installation steps, no subscriptions and pays as you view content model.
  2. CoinTent PayWall WordPress plugin: Enabling users to set subscriptions, be it weekly, monthly or yearly, this plugin is free of cost yet provides secure and fast checkout option as well as a digital wallet for handling micropayments.
  3. TinyPass: Most ideal for publishers, this plugin allows users to access pay-per-click content, downloads, etc. by involving micropayments. This has an added advantage of including a number of currencies from all around the world and is free and convenient to use as well as install.

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