Whats in It For Me

Content Monetization 2.0

Whats in It For Me

A New Content Experience

Web Publishers

So you’ve probably been made aware of ad blockers and considering how aggressive ads have been in the past it was only a matter of time. But the lights have to stay on so we are introducing a new model of content monetization.

Internet Users

Installed an ad blocker recently? Advertisers have gone rogue, they’re forcing users of the internet to view their annoying ads no matter what. We offer a new way to support the websites you love without 3rd parties ruining your day.

eCommerce Merchants

Ever wanted to add virtual tokens to your ecommerce website without having to implement a complex addon that never really works just right. Now account credits seamlessly integrate into WooCommerce natively. 

Whats in It For Me

An Exciting New Approach

No Subscriptions

Monthly subscription fatigue is a real thing, no need to worry about monthly surprises.

Simple Registration

Traditional paywalls are complex, hard to implement, and even harder to use.

Preview Content

As a user you get to review before you pay, and publishers can show before charging.

Nothing to Cancel

Recharge your balance when credits get low, eliminating the need for subscriptions.

Seamless Experience

Websites can lock sections of a story, while users only pay for content they want.

Easy to Install

With a wordpress plugin and browser extension, unlock new innovative business models.

Whats in It For Me

Easy to Install & Configure

Micropayment.io – Paywall Plugin Overview

We don’t want to throw you into the deep end of the pool, so we ‘ve taken the liberty to write a step-by-step walkthrough of how to set up the plugin, get your free BillingFox API key, and configuring the plugin shortcodes.

Input Your Free API Key

We use a 3rd party platform called BillingFox that allows us to easily leverage their powerful infrastructure to build the plugin and service you see before you today. You’ll need to get a free API key from them to activate your plugin.

Congrats, You’re Done! 

Like we mentioned it’s extremely easy to get started with account credits on your website or eCommerce store. Now all that’s left is to protect the content you would like to charge customers to view or download, the choice is yours. 

Whats in It For Me

The Aha Moment

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, we guess an interactive demo is probably priceless. Get an instant idea of the value that can be unlocked for your website and what a new browsing experience looks like.

Whats in It For Me

Spend One Credit Balance

Support your favorite sites with a micropayment over installing ad blockers which have been hurting online publishers. Once you visit any website with the plugin enabled you are then able to spend your credit balance effortlessly.
  • Revenue goes directly to publisher
  • Eliminate potential malware from ads
  • Help save billions in ad fraud
  • Put an end to intrusive ads
Whats in It For Me

A New Realm In Business

Forever free, open source, & built for the community.

Premium features, our branding removal, and priority support.

Analytic dashboard, 3rd party tools, and webhook support.

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